planEASe Software Version History

From the Latest Version back to Version 1.0 in 1982

Subscription Update Program

The planEASe license agreement provides that you may subscribe to our Update Program for this software. We urge that you do this. In addition to entitling you to receive updates of the software and manual, this program entitles you to receive announcements of new planEASe models directly by mail, and announcements of documented system problems and fixes. Whenever we issue new software like the Partnership Models or the Financial Utilities, subscribers are offered a discount introductory price. Additionally, subscribers are entitled to call us directly at the support number shown on the cover page to discuss any system difficulties.

Your subscription to our update service dates 90 days from your purchase date, no matter when you subscribe, so waiting six months until a new version is issued won't save you any money, and may cause you to miss important information on the system. Subscriptions are also cumulative. This means that if you bought the system two (or more) years ago and suddenly show up for an update, you're going to have to pay two (or more) years of subscription to get it, and you will have missed our help in the meantime.

Many software publishers offer such a subscription service, and not all of them have issued updates thereafter. In that regard, you should be interested in our record of issuing updates to our subscribers, as shown in the table on the next page.

As you become familiar with planEASe, you will appreciate the immense variety of situations that may be analyzed. Indeed, the system is, in a real sense, a programming language. Although the software has been tested now by thousands of users (the toughest test lab in the country), we are constantly improving and inevitably, new bugs will appear as users try things that are not anticipated. We will correct any situation which causes the system to not operate as documented. If you find a bug, please send us a copy of the Assumption Set and a description of the processing being performed when the bug occurred. If you have any questions about how to do this, please call us for support and we will lead you though the process by telephone. You will receive a free copy of the corrected system if your Update Subscription is current.