Lease versus Purchase Analysis (Cost Comparison Method) Software Samples

planEASe is complete Lease vs. Purchase Analysis software for commercial real estate decisions. When you must compare various lease alternatives with purchase alternatives or build-to-suit to satisfy a property user client space requirement, the analysis must be done after tax to be valid, since there are so many tax advantages to ownership. You should use the planEASe Cost Comparison analysis technique in such cases. This video compares the cost of 3 different leases and one purchase alternative using the What-if Sensitivity Analysis Comparison capability of planEASe, including point of indifference crossover graphs. Some of the measures shown are Net Present Value Before Debt, Net Present Value Before Tax, Net Present Value After Tax. If you are looking for something more simple try the Lease vs. Buy Analysis sample.

Minimum required planEASe Software product(s) for Lease versus Purchase Analysis (Cost Comparison Method).

Suggested add-on planEASe Software product(s) add more insight into Lease versus Purchase Analysis (Cost Comparison Method).

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