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Sale Leaseback Analysis in planEASe Software takes advantage of the comparison method in the 'what-if' sensitivity analysis. There are two separate analyses that often get lumped into the single phrase Sale Leaseback Analysis. The first is when the current owner has ALREADY DECIDED to sell and leaseback the property, and wants to negotiate the highest price with the lowest lease rate. While this is a sale leaseback situation, it really is a single tenant investment analysis (which is handled by the same planEASe software modules recommended here). The other analysis thought of as Sale Leaseback Analysis determines WHETHER THE CURRENT OWNER SHOULD SELL AND LEASEBACK. The video and sample reports shown here focus on this area. The method is to create two alternative analyses. The first analysis shows the costs if the owner decides to stay in the property for some number of years and then sell. The second analysis shows the profit of selling the property now and the subsequent (lease) costs of remaining in the property over the same time frame. The two alternative analyses are then compared using the NPV either before or after tax.

Minimum required planEASe Software product(s) for Sale Leaseback Analysis.

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