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Are you looking for Shopping Center Investment Analysis software? Retail Real Estate Investment Analysis software? planEASe software is the fastest most flexible product you will find if you want your analysis to handle all your leases (no matter how complex), track all the reimbursements and/or percentage rents, enable renewal probabilities that handle the tenant improvements and commissions automatically, and do it all monthly really fast. Of course the reports and graphs look great and are configurable to show as much detail as you want, before and after tax. In the video we show an overview of what assumptions are needed. Then we demonstrate the analysis, including Income Statements and What-if Sensitivity Analysis. The lease assumptions involve net reimbursements (base year stop, $/stop, and $ are also available), renewal probabilities, commissions, tenant improvements, and months vacant. Some of the measures shown are IRR, NPV, Cash on Cash, Cap Rate, and Debt Coverage Ratio. This same type of analysis can be used for office and industrial properties.

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