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Required Minimum Package Includes:
planEASe® (Base Product)
Reporting Extension
Financial Utilities
add Graphics Extension
add Monthly (Developers) Extension
add Partnership Models
add Portfolio Extension

Or Complete Suite (all products) $10 discount
Email support included with all subscriptions. Annual Subscriptions also includes two "check your work" reviews, and Telephone Support in response to an emailed question. Support Description

Monthly Subscription $49
Quarterly Subscription $140 (= $46.67 / Month)
Annual Subscription $470 (= $39.17 / Month)
  • Requires Windows (98/2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10, etc.)
  • Minimum subscription length -- one month (no contract required)
  • There are no refunds of planEASe Cloud subscriptions.
  • All prices subject to change without notice.

planEASe® Cloud Service Order Form


What package do I need?
The Required Minimum Package will analyze and provide reports for all investments (Single Tenant, Apartment, Self Storage, Moblie Home Parks, Retail, Shopping Centers, Office, Medical Office, Industrial), NPV Cost Comparisons (Tenant/Owner Representation, Lease vs. Buy, Multiple Lease Comparisons, SaleLeaseback), and additionally (1031 Exchanges, Participating Loans, Installment Sales)

Graphics includes 1000's of potential graphs

Monthly (Developers) Extension will analyze and provide reports for all Capital Gain Taxed Develoments (Single Tenant, Apartment, Self Storage, Moblie Home Parks, Retail, Shopping Centers, Office, Medical Office, Industrial), and Ordinary Income Taxed Develoments (Land Development, Condo Development, Condo Conversion, Subdivsion Development)

Partnership Models details the projected accounting of funds within the Partnership / LLC, showing all funds received, and the projected disbursements to the Partners / Members with assumptions like Preferred return to limiteds / members.

Portfolio Analysis enables you to combine multiple files. This allows you to perform analysis that otherwise would be impossible or impractical and still have use of all the reports and what if analysis.

What are some of the advatages of using the planEASe Cloud?

  • No commitment - planEASe Cloud is month to month service. This means you can sign up for one month when you have an analysis, and let it lapse until you have another analysis. Pay only when you need us.
  • Flexible - Each time you subscribe you can choose which extensions you want.
  • Keep your files - Any files created can be download and uploaded.

How fast will it take to get started after purchase?
The planEASe Cloud Software is available for immediate download after subscription signup.

How do I access the help methods in the software?
How-To movies are on the Movie / HowToStart menus, and a PDF manual is on the Help menu. Press the “F1” key on the keyboard to receive context sensitive help about the screen you are on.

Can I keep the printouts after the subscription ends?
Yes, you can print to your printer, print to your PDF print driver, create html files, and export reports to Excel. All of these will remain after the subscription ends. Click to view presentation videos.

Is the 'Publish to Web' function included?
Yes, during the subscription time you can create websites with the one click 'Publish to Web' process for as many analyses as you like. Click to view sample 'Publish to Web' website.

Does planEASe Cloud work on a Mac?
planEASe Cloud is a Windows software product, and needs a Windows operating system. Many users of planEASe on Macs use Windows simulation programs like VMware Fusion,and Parallels with success.

Where are the files I create stored?
Your files are stored in your folder on the planEASe web site. Files can be downloaded and uploaded to/from the web site folder to your computer for additional backup by selecting File/Copy to-from Cloud within the Software.

Can I use planEASe Cloud on more than one machine?
Yes. You can install the planEASe Cloud client software on as many Windows computers as you want. When the planEASe Cloud client is started, it prompts you to login and open any of the files that are stored in your folder on the planEASe web site. Only one user is allowed to be logged in at any time. >> Watch Video (4:50 Min)

Can I buy planEASe without using the Cloud?
Yes ($995 - $2995). Call 800-959-3273 for information.