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Includes saving, printing, creating websites, and all the analysis capabilities.

At the expiration of the trial you will have the option to continue with the planEASe cloud service configuration of your choice (No contracts - cancel anytime).


  • Windows Operating System.
  • Your contact information. This will also be the contact information for the property websites that you create.
  • We reserve the right to stop the Free Trial at anytime.


Does planEASe work on a Mac?
planEASe, planEASe Cloud, and planEASe Trial are windows software products, and need a windows operating system. Many users of planEASe on Macs use windows simulation programs like VMware Fusion,and Parallels with success.

What is the price for the real software? The monthly subcription ranges from $49 - $99. Go to the Order/Prices page for details.

Are the files created during the 14 day trial saved?
Yes. At the end of the trial you can start a subscription and all the files will be there just like they were during the trial. If a subcription has not been started within 10 days after the trial expiration the files may be removed.

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