planEASe Software Version 19.00

Major new items are: New Assumption EzEntry, Enhancements to Save as Web Page, and more

New Assumption EzEntry
V19.00 Enh - Assumption EzEntry Dialog
A new Assumption EzEntry Dialog is accessed from the File / New Assumptions Menu Option, filling in the SqFt or Units entry in the Assumption Set Specification Dialog, and pressing the (new) EzEntry Button that is activated by your SqFt or Units entry. This Dialog provides a fast and convenient method of entering starting Assumption Values for an Assumption Set by allowing pasting of entire columns of information supplied from an external Rent Roll, APOD, or other information source for a property, saving substantial time in entering new Assumption Sets for properties, and avoiding typing errors for such items as Tenant Names, Rentable Square Feet, Rental Rates, et cetera.
V19.00 Enh - Dialog Help Messages
In the new Assumption EzEntry Dialog, every time you move to a Cell in one of the Grids, there is a Help message shown in the left side of the Status Bar below the Dialog describing how to enter data in the Cell. We have used this new technique to post similar Help messages while you are in the Grids in the Development Spending, Unit Sales, Reimbursements, and Market Profiles Dialogs.
V19.00 Enh - Development Dialogs
The PasteColumn Menu Option in the new Assumption EzEntry Dialog described above has been added to the Development Spending & Unit Sales Dialogs, allowing rapid entry of Item Names, Quantities and Costs when you have a external Bill of Materials for a development.
V19.00 Enh - Undo capability in EzEntry and Development Dialogs
Because the PasteColumn Menu Option can, if used in error, cause mistakes that would require much time to correct, we have installed an Edit/Undo capability in new Assumption EzEntry Dialog and the Development Spending & Unit Sales Dialogs. This Undo capability will Undo all PasteColumn Commands, Edit / Cut / Paste / Insert / Delete Commands and Sort Commands, in reverse order of incurrence, and without limit.
Enhancements to Save as Web Page
V19.00 Enh - Save as Web Page
All reports available at the Save as Web Page menu option have been dramatically improved in format to take advantage of the Cascading Style Sheets language being further implemented by the major browsers. The planEASe webpages now appear with the information in boxes much like the printed reports. Colors and fonts now correspond to the treatment in the printed reports, as defined in the Page Setup menu option. This improvement has been tested with the current versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari. As before, you may E-Mail these Web Page reports directly to your clients for viewing in their browsers.
V19.00 Enh - New Method for Emailing Web Pages with Graphs/Pie Charts
***This method will work with planEASe Version 8 and greater ***
If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Outlook 2000 or greater you can email the planEASe webpages with graphs by changing an option in Microsoft Outlook. Here's how:
Open Microsoft Outlook
  1. On the Tools menu, click Options, and then click the Mail Format tab.
  2. Click to select HTML in the "Send in this message format" list, and then click OK.
  3. Click the Settings button, check the Send Pictures from the Internet, and then click OK.
  4. Then click OK
Open planEASe
  1. Use the Save as Webpage menu option to save and append as many graphs as you want
  2. Open the webpage in Internet Explorer (If Internet Explorer is your default browser, select the View Webpage menu option in planEASe and the webpage will open in Internet Explorer automatically).
With the Webpage open in Internet Explorer
  • Select File/Send > Page by Email.
Now the Webpage should be in an Outlook Email with Pictures.
  • The webpage with all the planEASe Graphs/Pie Charts embedded is ready for more comments, spell checking, and, of course, sending.
* Note - The previous method for the Emailing Web Pages with Graphs/Pie Charts used Microsoft Word and the Break Links option in Word, which is not necessary with this new method for Emailing Web Pages with Graphs/Pie Charts.
V19.00 Enh - "Save as Web Page" reports are now Print-Friendly
Recent changes to Cascading Style Sheets now implemented in browsers enable print page breaks to be recognized. While the webpages won't print perfectly like they do from the printing mechanism within planEASe, the output is almost as good for 80% of what you will likely print. To have the colors show up on the printed page, you will have to turn on the print background option in the browser. Here's how:
Internet Explorer
  • Select File/Page Setup then check Print Background Colors and Images
Mozilla Firefox
  • Select File/Page Setup then check Print Background (Colors & Images)
Apple Safari
  • We cannot find a capability to print Background Colors in this browser
V19.00 Enh - Lease Analysis
In Lease Analysis, we have added a new preference choice at Print / Preferences. The new Adjust $/RSF & $/USF for Partial Periods preference (checked by default) adjusts the rate for a 6-month year of $10,000 for 500 SF from $20/sf to $40/sf, allowing easier comparison to the following (full) year. Turned off, this rate will now show as $20/sf. Thanks to Stuart Simek for showing us a situation where this new treatment was appropriate and desirable. We also have inserted “X Months” in the Grid header for partial periods to clarify the report.
V19.00 Enh - Clone Market Profile
We have added a Clone Profile button to the Market Profiles Dialog, allowing you to easily copy the Current (highlighted) Profile. This makes it easier to replicate existing profile patterns when you only have minor changes to what has been entered for an existing profile.
V19.00 Enh - Lease Analysis
At the request of several users, we have added another new preference choice in Lease Analysis. The new Show Average Gross as: preference allows you to choose Monthly or Annual rate for the Average Gross (or Average Effective if you are using the Vacancy Factor). The Graphs available for the Summary Grid have been changed to reflect this preference as well. For instance, the Annual Lease $ Comparison Graph becomes the Monthly Lease $ Comparison Graph if the Monthly preference has been chosen.
V19.00 Enh - Lease Analysis and Rent Roll Reports
The Sort capability in both Lease Analysis and the Rent Roll Reports has been updated to operate in the same way as in the new Assumption EzEntry Dialog, so when requesting a sort, you may choose Ascending or Descending order (or simply Cancel and return to the unchanged Grid).
V19.00 Enh - Rent Roll Report
The Start and End Date columns for the Rent Roll Report have been reformatted to a “1 mmm yy” format both for clarity and to assure that, when exported to Excel (and other Spreadsheets), the contents will be interpreted as dates."
V19.00 - Fixes
  1. If you changed the Acquisition Date for a Development Spending or Unit Sales Assumption Date to be ahead of (or too close to) the earliest development cost item, planEASe (correctly) changed the Acquisition Date to be one month before that cost, but if you then (before requesting another function, such as Basic Analysis) navigated to any page requiring an audit, an unrecoverable error occurred. Introduced in version 17 and fixed in version 19. Thanks to Scott Hyatt for the report.
  2. In Lease Analysis, printing of the analysis in monthly landscape mode could, in some instances, omit printing the last page. Thanks to Todd Silverman for the report.