planEASe Software Version 18.00 - 2009

Major new item is: Portfolio Extension

V18.00 Enh - Portfolio Extension
This Version 18 features the introduction of the Portfolio Extension to the planEASe Product Line. The Portfolio Extension allows you to perform analysis that otherwise would be impossible or impractical. For instance, with the Portfolio Extension, you can analyze and report on:
  • Multi-Phase Unit Sales Development Projects
  • Multi-Phase Commercial Developments
  • Mixed-Use Development Projects
  • Purchase of any type of Mixed-Use Property
  • Annual Projection Reports for Client Property Portfolios
  • Properties with multiple Reimbursement Pools
  • Multi-Property Portfolios offered for Purchase / Sale
  • A Partnership / LLC for any or all of the above:
We hope you will enjoy using and profiting from this remarkable new capability.
V18.00 Enh - Sensitivity and Risk Analysis
From the beginning of planEASe, we have accepted invalid Starting and Stopping assumption values in Sensitivity and Risk Analysis specifications, relying on user common sense. With the issuance of the Portfolios Extension there are occasions where mistakes are too easy to make. Therefore, in Sensitivity and Risk Analysis in version 18 we have installed the same edits as at the Assumption Edit Screen. For example, if you choose Capital Gain Rate as the Sensitivity Assumption and specify a Starting at of 200, you will be told that the rate must be between 0 and 100, just as when first entering the assumption value at the Assumption Edit Screen.
V18.00 Enh - Portfolios Extension
Prior to the introduction of the Portfolios Extension, we edited the Acquisition Date and Holding Period for Assumption Sets using the Unit Sales or Development Spending Dialogs so that all Development Costs and all Unit Sales would occur within the Holding Period, and you were notified when the Acquisition Date or Holding Period was changed for this reason. For Unit Sales Assumption Sets, the Sale Proceeds and Measures (IRR and NPV) Sections of the Income and Annual Statements were not available (because these sections simulate a Sale at the end of the year, thereby cutting off sales of units beyond that time and distorting any NPV or IRR measures that would be shown).

The Portfolios Extension complicates this situation, since a Portfolio may well include several development Assumption Sets together with non-development Assumption Sets (with a longer Holding Period than the development(s) require). Therefore, for such Portfolios, planEASe remembers the minimum Holding Period required for the development Assumption Sets, and notifies of changes in the Acquisition Date and Holding Period prior to computations in all cases. For the Income and Annual Statements, the Sales Proceeds and Measures Sections are shown for all years ending after the minimum Holding Period.
V18.00 Enh - planEASe Manual, fully bookmarked
As with version 17, the planEASe Manual, fully bookmarked and linked, is available within planEASe at the Help / planEASe PDF Manual Menu Option. For this reason we have ceased shipping new manuals with the annual updates in favor of opening a new planEASe Manual Store where you may order a current (now version 18) planEASe Manual for (currently) $25 plus shipping. To order your new manual, if you want, go to our site, sign in, and click on Order Version 18 Manual there.
V18.00 Enh - Unit Sales Partnership / LLCs
Several Users have pointed out that Unit Sales Partnership / LLCs distributions can cause assessments or GP/Manager loans due to draw loan repayments causing negative cash flows in the month following large sales. To fix this, starting with version 18, planEASe looks forward one month when distributing cash, and reserves enough to pay any negative cash flow scheduled to occur then.
V18.00 - Fixes
  1. The new Absorption Schedule Stretcher worked properly when stretching the Schedule(s), but did not work properly when contracting them in time. Introduced in version 17.00 and fixed in version 18. Thanks to Ira Bennett for the report.
  2. Investment Tax Credits were not reflected in the Cash on Cash After Tax, Accounting RoR After Tax and Current RoR After Tax ratios in the Proforma Income and Annual Statements. Introduced in version 16 and fixed in version 18. Thanks to Mike Shaffer, CCIM for the report.
  3. The open routine for backup assumptions used when an error caused abnormal termination of planEASe was inadvertently bypassed in version 17. It now works correctly in version 18.
  4. The Unit Sales Profit Report did not include Sales Detail for the sales planned by the new Absorption Method. Additionally, the Unit Sales per Month Assumption was omitted from the Assumptions Report. Introduced in version 17 and fixed in version 18. Thanks to Michael George for the report.
  5. When using the RP Model Series together with a Sale Price Method of either Capitalize Last Year’s NOI or Capitalize Next Year’s NOI, certain Partnership / LLC Fees could be shown in the Income and Annual Statements. Introduced in version 17 and fixed in version 18.