planEASe Software Version 20.00 - Now Shipping

Major new items are: New Web Publication Service, New Watermarks when Printing, and more

V20.00 Enh - New planEASe Web Publication Service
This service begins with Version 20 of planEASe and requires a current support subscription. Some of the reporting shown requires the Reporting Extension and Monthly Extension.
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Using the Default StyleUsing a Custom Style
Retail - OfficeRetail - Office
Comm. DevelopmentComm. Development
Unit Sales DevelopmentUnit Sales Development
Partnership (Group)Partnership (Group)
Tenant RepTenant Rep
The planEASe Web Publication Service is a simple-to-use system you can use to present your analysis over the web. After you have created your analysis, just select File / Publish to Web at the Assumption Edit Screen and e-mail your client the URL. It is that easy. Watch the video to see all the analysis and drill-down capability that is included with just this simple process. But if you would like to be fancier, we have included the capability to augment your presentation by adding your logos, specifying custom colors, adding extensive description text organized with tables, showing a interactive location map, and including any photos you choose.
Web Publication Service Detail
With the planEASe Web Publication Service, a lot can be done in just a few clicks, just using the default settings. Within 10 seconds, your analysis can be uploaded to the web with extensive reports (APOD, Comparative APOD, Income Statement, Lease Analyses, Annual Statements and Assumptions Report) . This movie shows the uploading process in real time.
planEASe Version 20 includes a greatly improved TitlePages Word Processor at Reports / TitlePages, with enhanced image capabilities, and greatly enhanced tables that allow tables within tables. The planEASe Web Publication Service uses this word processor to create, format and save the description text for your Web Published Analysis. Any text you create can and should be saved with the Assumption Set so future publications will retain the text. This short movie gives you an idea of some of the formatting capabilities of TitlePages.
The look of the planEASe Web Publication Service is controlled through styles. A style consists of the colors you choose for the backgrounds, the font you choose for the text, a photo to be displayed with your contact information, and two logos to be displayed with your analysis information. While we anticipate that most users will simply specify one (default) style, you can enter as many styles as you want; and choose which of your styles should be used for each analysis. This movie gives you a brief look at how you would specify and/or change a style.
You can add an interactive Google map and some photos to your analysis for presentation purposes. Because you typically will reload an analysis several times, but will not want to reload the map and pictures, we link them to the address you enter for the APOD location field in planEASe. This means that, if the location field stays the same, the map and photos you entered for an analysis will stay with the reloaded analysis. This movie shows you the simple process for loading photos and the Google map for an analysis. Of course, if you choose not to enter a map or photos, the associated tabs will not be shown during your presentation.
planEASe Web Publication Control Center
Each planEASe License with a current support subscription has its own Web Publication Control Center where the Web Published Analyses for that license are listed and maintained. You may access your Web Publication Control Center by logging into the planEASe Website and clicking on the Go To Web Publication Control Center link located at the top left of your user home page.

There are three areas in the Web Publication Control Center
  • Web Pub List
    Lists all the web publications for the license
    (Delete analyses, change passwords, choose styles here)
  • Styles
    Add and customize your styles here
  • Maps & Photos
    Add maps and/or photos that link to your web publications
* Videos were made using a planEASe license with all extensions.
V20.00 Enh - Watermark
We have added a Watermark Dialog, accessible from the Page Setup Dialog. The Watermark Dialog allows you to choose a graphics file that will print under the middle of all planEASe Reports, thus allowing you to further brand your planEASe output. Watermarks may be sized from 100% of the width of the Report to 5% of the width.
V20.00 Enh - Spelling with all multi-line textboxes
The Spelling and Thesaurus capabilities in Reports / TitlePages have been extended to operate with all multi-line textboxes throughout planEASe. An example of a multi-line textbox is the Report Commentary textbox in the Print Options dialog presented whenever you print a planEASe report or graph. When you have such a textbox presented to you, doubleclicking on any word pops up a menu with either suggested replacements from the built-in Dictionary (if the word is misspelled) or suggested synonyms from the built-in Thesaurus (if the word is properly spelled). Choosing the SpellCheck option on the popup menu checks the spelling for the entire text in the textbox. During the SpellCheck, you can Add new words to your personal Custom Dictionary, Select a replacement word from the suggested list, Change All occurrences of a word, or Ignore All occurrences of a word.

For consistency, the Spelling and Thesaurus capability in Reports / TitlePages has been changed to operate in the same fashion.

In the Print Options dialog, doubleclicking in the Report Commentary textbox previously brought up a dialog where you could cut, copy and paste text to and from the Report Commentary and the Assumption Set Comments. This function has now been moved to the new TransferComment menu option in the Print Options dialog.
V20.00 Enh - Reports / TitlePages
The Word Processor at Reports / TitlePages has undergone a major revision, with many enhancements:
  • File Open / Save As routines have been combined into single dialogs for all file types.
  • We have added Open and Save As capability for Microsoft Word (*.doc) files, making it easier to incorporate information from these files in your TitlePages Documents.
  • The Table capability has major enhancements, including drag/drop setting of column and table widths and location, together with a new Table Properties ... menu option for setting fore and back colors, etc.
  • The dialog at Format / Image... has many more capabilities, and the error when accessing it without previously selecting the image has been eliminated.
  • New Menu options at Insert / Frame and Format / Frame... allow you to insert and format frames that can contain either text or images. An example of this new capability is in the revised capable.txp file shipped with planEASe.
  • Major new expansion of the Edit / Undo and Edit / Redo menu option capability allows for many levels of undo and redo, and they are constantly retitled to show what is being undone and redone.
V20.00 Enh - Save as Web Pages now Paginated
The reports and graphs available throughout planEASe at the Print / Save as Web Page Menu Option have been dramatically improved in two ways. First, the HTML files (Web Pages are HTML Files) have been reduced in size by two-thirds. This means they are created faster, load into your browser faster, e-mail faster, and take less space on your disk. Second, the reports are now paginated. Just like the multi-page reports planEASe has always produced on your printer, the WebPage reports are now divided into the same pages, and can be printed handsomely from your (or your client’s) browser. These changes have been tested with the latest versions of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome.
V20.02 Enh - Increased font size for printed graphs and charts
We have slightly increased the font size for printed graphs and charts to enhance readability. Thanks to Skip Duemeland, CCIM for the suggestion.
V20.03 Enh - Risk Analysis
When running Risk Analysis with planEASe expanded to full screen, the Risk Analysis Assumptions Grid (the one at screen top) resized improperly, causing the fields in the leftmost column to be too small for proper display or data entry. Introduced in version 20 and fixed in version 20.03 Thanks to Skip Duemeland, CCIM for the report.
V20.03 Enh - Assumptions Report
The Assumptions Reports (at File / Print Assumptions and at Reports / Assumptions Report) have been changed to eliminate printing of Reimbursements and /or Percentage Rents assumptions. Instead, when such assumptions are present in an Assumption Set, the commentary text in the Print Options Dialog contains “The Reimbursements and/or Percentage Rent Assumptions for this Assumption Set are reported separately.”, allowing you to reference the Reimbursements Assumptions report available at Edit / Reimbursements / Print / Print.
V20.00 - Fixes
  1. The new Clone Profile capability at Edit/Market Profiles introduced in version 19 inadvertently allowed cloning Variant Profiles, which is (now) not allowed.
  2. The Delete Profile capability at Edit/Market Profiles did not work properly.
  3. In the Unit Sales and Development Spending Dialogs, the routine to delete measure names from the dropdown list (after new measures have been added) did work properly in some cases.
  4. The demo-reader program inadvertently did not allow access to Portfolio Mode (at File / Portfolios...) Intentionally, you still cannot access Portfolio Mode if you are viewing a Reader File sent by a planEASe User.
V20.01 - Fixes
  1. When exiting the Reimbursements Dialog, a Type Mismatch error causes planEASe to halt. Thanks to Greg Ogin, CCIM for the report. Introduced in version 20 and fixed in version 20.01
  2. When changing the current Assumption Page by using the keys rather than clicking on the Page List, the two line Assumption Help message at the bottom of the Assumption Page did not update properly. Introduced in version 20 and fixed in version 20.01
  3. On entering the Unit Sales Dialog, the Edit menu did not initialize properly to the actions allowed for the Unit Type Grid. This was a long-standing bug, discovered in version 20 and fixed in version 20.01
V20.02 - Fixes
  1. Some users had trouble uploading their first published analysis. This occurred when the last Assumption Set saved or opened was in a different folder than the folder where planEASe is installed (typically c:/planwin). Introduced in version 20 and fixed in version 20.02
V20.03 - Fixes
  1. The APOD mistakenly used the second month of the Holding Period as the computational base rather than the first month. Introduced in version 15 and fixed in version 20.03 Thanks to Ron Bowden, CCIM for the report.
  2. If a Market Profile had a 0% Renewal Probability, the Assumptions Report did not include the General Assumptions for that Market Profile. Thanks to Geoffrey Taylor for the report.
  3. When using the new File / Publish to Web capability with a partnership analysis, planEASe would hang up if the Income Statement Show NPV’s option was chosen (even though NPV is not available with the partnership income statements). This made not available when viewing partnership income statements. Thanks to Craig Blorstad CCIM, CPA for the report. Introduced in version 20 and fixed in version 20.03
  4. The Assumptions Report at File / Print Assumptions erroneously showed “Annual at $0.00 per year” instead of “Annual at the Inflation Rate” for Revenues and Expenses planned to grow at the Inflation Rate. Introduced in version 20 and fixed in version 20.03. Thanks to Brian Velthoen, CCIM for the report.