E-learning Topic ~ Unit Investments

This walk through is useful for investments like Apartments, Self-Storage, Mobile Home Parks, Marina Slips, Multi-Family, etc. The step by step method does not assume that you have any experience with planEASe, although any prior experience will make the walk through more pleasant. The example includes a Purchase and Sale, 10 year holding period, multiple income streams, multiple expense items, and 'What If' scenarios. Many risk ratios and measures like cash-on-cash and IRR are discussed in the suggested reports section.

Training Topic Notes - This training topic shows you how you would enter an apartment property into planEASe. Although this particular example is apartments, this same example could be Self Storage or any analysis based on units.

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+/-1. Starting Point - Entering General Information (File - New Assumptions) Video 3:15 Minutes
+/-2. Entering the Investment Page (Purchase and Sale of the Investment) Video 3:30 Minutes
+/-3. Entering the Investor’s Page (Tax and Present Value Discount Rates) Video 3:21 Minutes
+/-4. Adding Depreciation (For after tax analysis) Video 2:30 Minutes
+/-5. Adding Revenues (Group Units by Type ~ Multiple income streams ) Video 5:50 Minutes
+/-6. Adding Expenses (Multiple expense items) Video 5:22 Minutes
+/-7. Adding Loans (Debt Coverage Ratio or Loan to Value whichever is lower) Video 2:40 Minutes
+/-8. Adding Capital Spending (Enter a cost item with a 5 year life Straight Line using the Half Year rule.) Video 3:10 Minutes
+/-9. Adjustment Time - Sensitivity Analysis (Vary assumptions for 'What If's') Video 7:24 Minutes
+/- Suggested Reports for Unit Investments
+/- Extras