E-learning Topic ~ Owner Representation

The only way to compare multiple leases for Owner Representation with one file in planEASe is before tax utilizing the Lease Analysis. Lease Analysis only computes the Rev Revenue Pages. This training shows you how to make the Rev Revenue positive/negative, and combine them to accurately represent the lease. The main idea is to accurately represent what will happen to each lease, then compare them.

Training Topic Notes - This training topic shows you how you would enter leases from a Owner point of view into planEASe, and compare them.

+/-1. Starting Point - Entering General Information (File - New Assumptions) Video 0:53 Minutes
+/-2. Entering the Investment Page (Start Date and Holding Period) Video 1:10 Minutes
+/-3. Entering the Investor’s Page (Tax and Present Value Discount Rates) Video 0:39 Minutes
+/-4. Lease 1 (Should the Tenant choose this lease?) Video 6:24 Minutes
+/-5. Lease 2 (Should the Tenant choose this lease?) Video 5:32 Minutes
+/-6. Compare (Compare as many leases as you want) Video 3:52 Minutes
+/-7. Other Sub Page Ideas (Add Free Rent and TI's) Video 3:46 Minutes