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1031 Exchange Analysis for Commercial Real Estate Software Samples

This video shows the planEASe Exchange Recap function allowing you to enter and balance a 1031 Exchange transaction on either a 2 party (Exchanger - Exchanger) or a 3 party (Exchanger - Buyer - Seller) basis. You may print the Recap Form, a Recap Report for each of the parties, and a Basis Adjustment Report for the Exchanger(s). You may save exchanges on disk, and open them for reprocessing at a later time. Exchanges involving more parties are processed as multiple instances of 2 and/or 3 party exchanges. The video also shows how to set Substitute Basis and Cost Recovery Taken for a planEASe property analysis when the buyer is emerging from a 1031 Exchange. Good 1031 Exchange analysis includes comparing the future performance of the exchanged property to that of the new property over a Holding Period, including transferring the Substitute Basis and Cost Recovery Taken to the new property. The planEASe Modules recommended here will handle such an analysis.

Minimum required planEASe Software product(s) for 1031 Exchange Recap Analysis.

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