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These commercial real estate videos that detail how to use and understand planEASe are also availible from within the planEASe Software using the "Movie" menu items.

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'What if' Sensitivity
  • Price of Property
  • Holding Period
  • Vacancy Rate
  • Sale Price
  • Overview
  • Cap Rate
  • Cash on Cash
  • Loan Amount
  • Debt Coverage Ratio
  • Land Price
  • Price Multiplier
  • Cost Multiplier
  • Individual Cost or Sale
  • Compare Absorption Files
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  • Months Vacant
  • Market Rent Growth
  • Market Rent
  • Lease Duration
  • Tenant Improvements
  • Renewal Probability
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  • Compare Discount Rate
  • Compare Holding Period
  • Compare Sale Price
  • Compare Inflation
  • General
  • Discount Rate
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  • Sensitivity Overview
  • Sensitivity Distribution
  • Sensitivity Compare
  • Compare Overview
  • Compare Saving
'What if' Risk

Video Title: 'What if' Sensitivity Overview

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  • video note: Performs 'What if' for any assumption in your analysis versus any measure, such as Rate of Return (IRR or MIRR), Net Present Value (NPV), Net Capitalization Rate, Cash on Cash, Debt Coverage Ratio, or Loan Amount. Sensitivity Analysis shows how these measures vary with a change in any of the assumptions like Price of Property, Holding Period, Cap Rate at Sale, Renewal Probability, Vacancy, TI's, etc. Sensitivity Analysis reports a one page table and graph showing the relationship between the assumption value and the chosen measure.Sensitivity Analysis will allow you to vary any assumption against many measures. In essence this is the "What if" part of the software for IRR, Cash on Cash, Debt Coverage Ratio (DCR), Loan Amount, MIRR, and Net Present Value (NPV).