Lease Compare Web App

"Any Lease Any Device"

  • Web service, works on any device with browser
  • Handle any lease, with unlimited details
  • No limit on the number of lease to compare
  • Publish website for each lease comparison (sample)
  • Graph comparisons are included on website
  • Compare leases of different lengths with Avg Present Value/SF
  • Hold your leases in a lease library for easy retrieval

Sample Lease Compare Website Watch Preview Video (9:00 min)

1. Launch App
2. Opens to Summary
3. Editing a Lease
4. Growth Methods
5. Irregular Cash Flows
6. Leases of Different Lengths
7. Compute!
8. "Publish to Web" for clients
9. Lease Library
10. Any Lease Any Device
11. PDF Manual
12. Videos
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You need to have a current planEASe Cloud Subcription to run the Lease Compare Web App. Launch from Lease Compare Web App planEASe user screen

and then login into the Lease Compare Web App.

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The Lease Compare Web App opens to the summary screen (new analysis for first time or opens to last analysis used).

On summary page:

  • Get a summary of lease length, avg $/PV, and total
  • Edit Global Assumptions
  • Choose a lease to edit
  • Choose a lease to delete
  • Add a new lease
  • Add a copy of the last lease
  • Add a lease from the "Lease Library"
  • Compute (creates temporary website with full results)
  • Use File menu items.
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When editing a lease the "Back to Summary" button goes back to the summary view.

Leases are made up of Assumption Pages, that are shown as rows in the reporting.

Click the page title link to edit the assumptions and to add more pages to the lease. There is no limit to the amount of pages that can be added to a lease.

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There are four main types of growth methods, the two most used are annual growth and one-time.

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To handle any type of irregular cash flow, add pages that "continue" when the previous one stops. With continuation pages a lease that is $8.00/sf for 13 months, $9.13/sf for 9 months, $10.03/sf for 19 months, $12.68/sf for 23 months, etc. is no problem.

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Each lease in the lease comparison can have a different length. In the summary the length will be shown in months for each lease, and average total and present value will be based on the individual lease length. The average can be shown per month or year based on you preference.

This can be useful for a space where the owner offers leases of different lengths. The Average Present Value per RSF (Rentable Square Foot), is a measure that is useful when comparing these leases.

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Compute! From either the summary or edit screen press the compute button at the top to make a temporary website for the lease compare analysis. Click the "Back to Edit" button to go back.

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Use the File Menu/"Publish to Web" to create a viewable website to share with customers, and email them the URL to visit it. The website can be customized for logos/colors/photos/map/documents.

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Add the lease from this file to the Lease Library to get a head start on the next analysis. Also, if you are focused on one area, add currently available leases to the library, so that they are ready to be added quickly to a new analysis.

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"Any Lease Any Device" has two parts. "Any Lease" means that with the combination of growth methods, continuation pages, and sub pages, any lease cash flows can be projected and compared. "Any Device" means that since the planEASe Lease Compare Web App only needs a browser to work, any device that has a browser should work, including desktops, laptops, tablets, phones ... regardless of the operating system.

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Lease Compare Manual (PDF)