E-learning Topic ~ Web Publishing

The planEASe Web Publication Service is a simple-to-use system that will essentially create a website from your analysis, so you can present your analysis over the web.

Training Topic Notes
This training topic shows you how you would enter a homesite subdivision development into planEASe. Although this particular example is homesites, this same example could be Condo Develeopment or any development analysis based on sale of units paying down the construction draw.

+/-1. Starting Point - Entering General Information (File - New Assumptions) Video 1:11 Minutes
+/-2. Entering the Investment Page (Start Date and Holding Period) Video 1:45 Minutes
+/-3. Entering the Investor’s Page (Tax and Present Value Discount Rates) Video 0:36 Minutes
+/-4. Adding Costs (Multiple Development Cost items) Video 6:05 Minutes
+/-5. Adding Sales (Multiple Sale Items) Video 2:50 Minutes
+/-6. Adding Construction Draw (The Construction Draw is like a revolving line of credit) Video 2:44 Minutes
+/-7. Unit Sales Parameter Page (Increase or decrease all the sales or costs at the same time.) Video 4:20 Minutes
+/-8. After Tax (Standard Costs) Video 4:38 Minutes
+/-9. Adjustment Time - Sensitivity Analysis (Vary assumptions for 'What If's') Video 6:40 Minutes
+/-10. Adjustment Time - Risk Analysis (Monte Carlo Risk Analysis) Video 5:38 Minutes
+/- Suggested Reports for Unit Investments