planEASe® Cloud Connection Problems (FTP)

The planEASe Cloud Application uses FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to access and save files on our web site. If you have encountered a problem connecting planEASe Cloud to our web site, it is probably caused by setting up your FTP client (that’s your computer) behind a dual NAT (Network Address Translating) router firewall. Below are some links to descriptions of this problem, starting with the most readable. In these links you will read about active vs. passive connections. The planEASe Cloud application tries both of these connections automatically, choosing to use the first connection that works. In the case that neither a passive or active connection works, the only solution is to have IT personnel modify their router settings to accommodate FTP connections.

** HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) is used by your browser, and it works differently from FTP … so even if you are able to surf the web without issues, you may still have FTP issues.