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Consulting / Coaching

Short on time? Let us do it for you. Investment Development Real Estate Cash Flow Analysis Consulting / Coaching

First things First, this is not part of support for the planEASe program. If you are having trouble getting the software to start, or have run into an error please email

planEASe Software is designed for you to complete cash flow analysis all by yourself. However, if you are short on time, take advantage of Consulting or Coaching. Since, planEASe is a complete cash flow analysis software the Consulting or Coaching can be a hybrid of do it yourself with help here and there, or a full service product. We have found that most customers who want help fall into these categories:

What is the cost?

planEASe Consulting/Coaching is normally done over email/phone, where the time of the time/call is deducted from the time you have purchased. The time is tracked to the minute, meaning a purchase of 60 minutes Consulting/Coaching time with a 10 minute phone call will have 50 minutes remaining. The time purchased or remaining will always be shown on your planEASe user account page. The current rate is $200/hr, and a current planEASe Cloud Subscription is required. A full service consulting usually comes with an estimate for the first report, then goes to the per hour system for tweaks and changes. If you have questions email

You must be a current planEASe customer to purchase personal training. Login to your homepage to add personal training time.

The materials provided for learning planEASe are:

We also offer in-house training, contact us for more details.