planEASe Software Version 21.03

Major item: Report Packages

V21.00 Enh - New Report Packages
Have you ever wanted to just print a package of reports and graphs out of planEASe rather than printing each one at a time? Report Packages lets you do that and is a huge time saver! Create as many packages as you want with different names, then just choose one to print or save as a webpage (html file). It is that simple.
V21.00 Enh - Graphs added to - Web Publication Service
This service begins requires a current support subscription. Some of the reporting shown requires the Reporting Extension and Monthly Extension.
New Graphs
Click this link Commercial Office Development, and select the graphs tab on top to see all of the new graphs that your clients can be selecting from when viewing a published analysis on their browser.
The planEASe Web Publication Service is a simple-to-use system you can use to present your analysis over the web. After you have created your analysis, just select File / Publish to Web at the Assumption Edit Screen and e-mail your client the URL. It is that easy. Watch the video to see all the analysis and drill-down capability that is included with just this simple process. But if you would like to be fancier, we have included the capability to augment your presentation by adding your logos, specifying custom colors, adding extensive description text organized with tables, showing a interactive location map, and including any photos you choose. Click to view E-learning Topic ~ Web Publishing
V21.00 - Fixes