201 Office Revenue Assumptions
Annual Revenue$120,000.00
Revenue Start Dateat Acquisition
Revenue PeriodUntil 1 January 2010
Revenue Growth MethodAnnual at the Inflation Rate
201 Office To Market Re-Leasing Assumptions
Market ProfileOffice Local
RepetitionsUntil Projected Sale
201 Office Reimbursement Assumptions (The natural prorata for this tenant is 44.44% (10,000 / 22,500))
Maintenance$ Stop$0.15/sf/yrNaturalNoneNoneNone
Insurance$ Stop$0.15/sf/yrNaturalNoneNoneNone
Property Taxes$ Stop$0.15/sf/yrNaturalNoneNoneNone
Security$ Stop$0.15/sf/yrNaturalNoneNoneNone
Utilities$ Stop$0.15/sf/yrNaturalNoneNoneNone
Management Fee$ Stop$0.15/sf/yrNaturalNoneNoneNone
Office Local Profile Assumptions
Renewal Probability70%Market Rent$13.00 $/sf/yr$14.00 $/sf/yr13.3 $/sf/yr
Grow RentYesTI's$5.00 $/sf$20.00 $/sf9.5 $/sf
Growth Method%>InflationCommissionsNone5.00 % of Base Rent1.5 % of Base Rent
Growth Rateat the Inflation RateAbatementsNoneNone0
Lease Duration5.00 YearsEnd ChargesNoneNone0
Life - TI's15.00 YearsStart ChargesNoneNone0
Life - Commissions5.00 YearsMonths Vacant3.00 Months1.00 Months
Year 1 TI'sZero