RatiosAPOD ProjectedAPOD CurrentDifference
Capitalization Rate9.12%9.76%-0.64%
Gross Income Multiplier 8.288.35-0.07
Cash on Cash 5.95%8.46%-2.51%
Debt Coverage Ratio1.2001.284-0.084
APOD Projected is the first 12 months (Jan 08 - Dec 08) cash flow / APOD Current is the (Jan 08) cash flow multiplied by 12 (first month * 12).

APOD ProjectedAPOD CurrentDifference $Difference %
Gross Incomehide
201 Office (10000 sf)$120,000$120,000$0
102 Drug Store (7500 sf)$94,500$94,500$0
103 Beauty Salon (2000 sf)$31,545$29,004$2,5418.055%
104 Donuts (2000 sf)$29,370$29,004$3661.246%
105 Flowers (1000 sf)$14,496$14,496$0
Base Rental Revenue$289,912$287,004$2,9081.003%
Percentage Rent$3,996$3,996$0
Total Reimbursements$68,232$68,232$0
Total Gross Income$362,148$359,232$2,9160.805%
Less: Vacancy & Credit Loss$22,156$0$22,156
Effective Income$339,991$359,232($19,241)-5.659%
Less: Expenseshide
Property Taxes$30,000$30,000$0
Management Fee$14,004$14,004$0
Total Operating Expenses$66,396$66,396$0
Net Operating Income$273,589$292,836($19,247)-7.035%
Less: Debt Servicehide
Total Debt Service$227,988$227,988$0
Net Operating Cash Flow$45,600$64,848($19,248)-42.211%