The numbers below are from the current analysis. Ratios do not take into account all of the cash flows, and are not a discounted cash flow measure like NPV, hence do not reflect the true yield for the analysis. Cash flows with the * symbol are partial years where the partial number has been divided by the number of months and multipled by 12.
Sale Value$1,349,110$1,421,186$1,496,909$1,576,461$1,660,030$1,747,813$1,840,018$1,936,862$2,038,573$2,145,390
/ Total Gross Income$200,400$210,420$220,941$231,988$243,587$255,767$268,555$281,983$296,082$310,886
= Gross Income Multiple6.736.756.786.86.816.836.856.876.896.9

Gross Income Multiple is the Sale Value divided by the Gross Income, testing the assumption for the appreciation of the property.

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Gross Scheduled Income (Potential with No Vacancy), and Sale Value.