Los Amigos Apartments (42 units)
1000 Mayfair Avenue Broker's Recap
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Los Amigos Apartments / Apartment Complex (42 units)
1000 Mayfair Avenue Broker's Recap
Price$1,550,000 - $36,905/unit
Down Payment$310,000
+Acq Costs & Points 15500 - 18600$34,100

Year One (APOD)ProjectedCurrent
Capitalization Rate8.70%8.70%
Cash on Cash 1.26%1.26%
Debt Coverage Ratio1.0331.033

End Sale on December 2020(10.00 yr. / 120 mo. period)
Sale Value (Cap Current NOI @ 10% Net Cap Rate)$2,145,390
Sale Proceeds Before Tax$867,582

IRR Before Debt 12.7%
IRR Before Tax 16.7%

Total Profit Before Debt$2,150,948
Total Profit Before Tax$938,890
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