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planEASe® (Base Product) $995
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(A full purchase receives an additional $400 discount for a total price of $2,995.)
  • 90 days of free support (support expiration date set 90 days from purchase).
  • Learn more about our support subscription which is $195/yr.
  • Shipped with complete documentation, and a hardware security key/dongle.
  • You are entitled to a complete refund of all money paid if the package is returned within 30 days of purchase with the security key/dongle intact.
Call us at 800-959-3273 (310-541-0418) to order. Open 9-5 PST Monday to Friday.

All prices subject to change without notice.
Orders received after 2pm Pacific Time will be shipped the next working day.

planEASe® Order Form

How fast can I get started after purchase?
Your order will be shipped today, except orders received after 2pm Pacific Time will be shipped the next working day. If you need to get working right now try the planEASe Cloud Software which is available for immediate download after subscription signup.

How do I access the help methods in the software?
How-To movies are on the Movie / HowToStart menus, and a PDF manual is on the Help menu. Press the “F1” key on the keyboard to receive context sensitive help about the screen you are on.

Is the 'Publish to Web' function included?
The 'Publish to Web' function is included with the 90 day support subscription included with your purchase. During this subscription time, you can create websites with the one click 'Publish to Web' process for as many analyses as you like. If you only choose the planEASe® (Base Product), only tenant/owner rep websites will be available. For investment and development websites to be available the Reporting Extension needs to be added. Click to view sample 'Publish to Web' website.

Does planEASe Cloud work on a Mac?
planEASe Cloud is a windows software product, and needs a windows operating system. Many users of planEASe on Macs use windows simulation programs like VMware Fusion,and Parallels with success.

Where are the files I create stored?
Your files are stored just like any files can be stored using the windows file system: on your computer, or on your server.

Can I use planEASe on more than one machine?
Yes. You can install the planEASe software on as many Windows computers as you want. planEASe will only work if the USB dongle is attached to the computer. You can move the USB dongle to the machine you want to use. So you can use planEASe on any of your computers, but only one at a time.

What is the USB dongle and what does it look like?
The USB dongle is a security device that allows for one at a time usage on as many machines as you require. The hardware key is like any other physical object that you purchase. Once you receive delivery of the hardware key, it is your responsibility. The hardware key is your software license that can be installed and used anywhere. If you lose your hardware key then you lose your planEASe license. If the thought of losing something bothers you please try the planEASe Cloud Software which does not use a dongle and you can never lose.

Can I purchase planEASe with the perpetual license pricing and not have a dongle?
Yes. Purchase the software you want and send us an email that you want have a cloud service instead of a dongle. After we set up an account you will receive an email, and you are ready to go. Your support expiration date must be past the current date for your software to be active. The current support payment is $195/yr cumulative. To learn more go to Transfer from planEASe (Dongle) to planEASe Cloud (Internet Service).

What is the advantage of the dongle vs. cloud?
With the dongle the product is yours, and it will work regardless of keeping up with support, but you have the responsibility of not losing it. The Cloud has the advantage of never having to remembering to physically moving the dongle, and you can never lose it.